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Resolving Hidden Risks Behind Buying a Business

April 1, 2021

Are you considering a business acquisition? Safeguard your investment with experienced legal counsel from The DeChello Law Firm – decades of experience ensure you resolve hidden risks and maximize your advantages as a buyer. Our legal team will help you buy with confidence.

Due diligence is the essential component behind any business purchase. Acquiring a business presents many unique considerations you’ll need to consider – What are the risks of purchase? Are you acquiring assets, stock, or ownership rights? How does owning such property benefit you?

Many potential buyers make the mistake of purchasing a business without experienced legal counsel. Soon after the purchase has been made, buyers are overcome with the hidden risks like contingent liabilities and even potential lawsuits.

The most important task as the buyer is to appraise the core of your target business. Our attorneys will help you determine difficult questions like …

  • Are certain relationships with customers essential to future success?

  • Does the company own a unique product or service in demand?

  • Are there key individuals within the company integral to the business?

Never enter a business transaction cold without any experience. Contact our New Haven attorneys today – we’ll ensure you get exactly what you pay for.