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The New & Improved Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine

Feb. 23, 2014

Back in 1974, a small group of local veterinarians with great vision, had the idea to open up a central location of emergency medical facilities for animals, where animals could be treated in the case of an emergency and/or “after normal business hours” and where they could perform various procedures too advanced for ordinary veterinary clinics.

At the time an uncommon idea, it has since blossomed to become immensely popular, to the point where their original location had become too small a space for all of the work that needed to be done. In order to solve that issue, The New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine has moved to a larger and new location in North Haven, CT , with a new name.

The new location, a state of the art facility located at 4 Devine Street, North Haven, CT and now called the Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, comes equipped with 6 operating rooms and 12 exam rooms, a sizeable increase from the respective 4 and 4 rooms of the original hospital. Additionally the new facility has a drive up emergency drop off location with self- opening doors, emergency power generation facilities, and an abundance of parking.

The old location was responsible for treating 20,000 animals every year, 6,000 of which are emergency cases. Veterinarians expect those numbers to continue to climb, especially given the additional services the new hospital will offer. Kathy Cavanagh, a 25-year veteran of the hospital, says that the new hospital, in addition to having expert surgeons, will have an in-house physical rehabilitation specialist, an oncology specialist, a radiologist, and an ophthalmologist.

The hospital has always prided itself on being a resource to other veterinarians and the pet loving community and the fact that it’s a 24-hour facility, and it has never once in its 39-year history closed its doors. Cavanagh states that will always continue to be the case, and that they will still remain not only the very first but also the most advanced emergency veterinary hospital in the greater New Haven area.

DeChello Law Firm congratulates those individuals responsible for making the new Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine a reality and is honored to have served as its legal counsel throughout the process.