Business Disputes – Corporate Divorce

Obtain Guidance from an Experienced Connecticut Business Owner Dispute Attorney

Much like a personal relationship, business owner relationships are sometimes full of ups and downs. Poor communication, differing visions, abilities, and priorities can lead to difficulties between business owners. Unfortunately, these difficulties often impact the business, or lead to a total breakdown of communication and working relationships. When owner disputes begin to impact your business, the guidance of an experienced attorney may be beneficial to both your future and the future of your business.

At the DeChello Law Firm, we leverage more than 25 years of experience to offer detailed legal guidance to business owners involved in Connecticut business owner disputes. Our experience with accounting and finance concepts and years of experience handling business owner disputes and corporate divorces allow us to use our background and experience to develop creative solutions and pursue favorable resolutions to even the most complex and heated situations.

We Listen, We Educate, We Advocate

Business owner disputes are often highly emotional situations. The emotional nature of these matters makes it important to have an objective and knowledgeable lawyer; without the proper guidance, you may make a mistake that could lead to severe damage to your financial well-being, or to the future of your business.

To help resolve your business disputes, we take great care to:

  • Listen: We believe that it is vital to know the details of a business dispute before offering any legal advice on how to address the situation. With that in mind, we take great care to listen to your description of the situation, the issues and your desired outcomes. We will also work to gain perspective on the situation by reviewing the history of your business and the events leading to your dispute.
  • Educate: Much like a marital divorce, a business owner or corporate divorce involves many different factors. From ownership rights to governance issues, to stock buyouts to business dissolution, it is important that you understand the many factors involved in your dispute. It is also important that you set realistic expectations for your desired outcomes. We work to provide the advice and information you need to fully understand your legal situation and your options for pursuing the most advantageous outcomes.
  • Advocate: After we learn the details of your business owner dispute or corporate divorce goals, we work collaboratively with your accountant and financial or other advisors to help you develop a strategic plan to obtain the results you desire. We will work closely with your advisors to negotiate resolutions that are in your best interests. If negotiation fails, we are prepared to aggressively litigate your business owner dispute.

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