Corporate Divorce

Many people dream of one day owning their own business. For those fortunate enough to see their dream materialize, they probably never imagine a day would arrive in which they’d be forced out of their own company. What happens when corporations seek a divorce?

It happens more than you might imagine – companies splinter all the time in America. Whether as a result of bad blood or discontent accumulating over time, business partners dissolve their relationships. Many times a business making money is the only thing prolonging a strained relationship.

Are you faced with the real possibility of a split or simply want out? It is essential you have an attorney well-versed in business & employment law throughout this difficult transition – our Connecticut attorneys can help. When things come to a head, call on the experienced legal guidance of the DeChello Law Firm.

Why hire an attorney to oversee your split? Many cases of corporate divorce involve elements not necessarily in accordance with generally-accepted accounting principles. Our specially trained attorneys employ best accounting practices to ensure you’re not left holding the bag following a departure.

We’ll make your transition seamless, no matter if parting ways is amicable or appalling. Contact us today!