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Common Interest Communities

April 29, 2021

Comprehensive Legal Representation for Common Interest Communities

Common interest communities, including age-restricted communities, timeshares, housing developments, and homeowners associations, often face a wide range of legal challenges during the initial creation of the entity. Addressing these many issues can be challenging; even the smallest oversight can lead to significant expenses in the future.

At the DeChello Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal representation to common interest communities throughout the New Haven area. Our staff takes great care to provide the advice and guidance you need to create an association that protects the organization and residents alike.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have the skills, knowledge, and insight needed to help Connecticut common interest communities address a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Creation of the association: The initial creation of a common interest community often requires a significant amount of legwork, including research and complicated documentation. Our staff provides comprehensive guidance throughout the initial creation of your association, making sure that the association and residents are offered the best possible protection.

  • Drafting rules documents: Common interest community organizations often govern a wide range of issues pertaining to the daily operation of the community and the actions of residents. We provide advice on the best possible methods for drafting rules for common interest communities and offer representation whenever rules are called into question by residents.

  • Enforcement of association rules: Ensuring that residents adhere to association rules can be a difficult task. We offer guidance on the best methods for upholding common interest community rules, including levying fines and obtaining legal injunctions to block actions in violation of the association’s rules.

  • Contracts and agreements: Common interest communities often contract with a wide range of service providers and vendors. Our staff offers support during contract negotiations and signings for agreements with managing agents, landscapers, contractors, painters, and more.

  • Collection of dues: In many cases, collecting association dues from residents is a relatively easy task. Unfortunately, other cases require more effort. We provide advice on the best methods for collecting common expense assessments and penalties for late or non-payment.

For more information regarding our representation on issues related to common interest communities, call or contact us online today.