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Personal Goodwill vs Enterprise Goodwill 

DeChello Law Firm LLC  May 8, 2024

Businessman smiling and shaking handsAt DeChello Law Firm LLC, we've had the pleasure of guiding many Connecticut business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs through the maze of corporate law.  

Today, we're digging into a topic you, as a business owner, are likely already pretty familiar with—especially if you’re thinking about selling your business or planning for what comes next—personal goodwill vs. enterprise goodwill. 

The Lowdown on Goodwill

In the business world, goodwill is like a hidden asset. It's the value your business builds up over time because of its reputation, relationships with customers and employees, and other stuff that makes people willing to pay more for what you're selling than just the stuff you own. 

Goodwill is essentially what makes your business more than just a sum of its parts. It's the reason people might pay a premium for it, whether they're buying your products or, down the line, the business itself.  

It's your business's reputation, the customer experience, and all those little details that make your brand stand out. In the end, it's about the trust and loyalty you've built up—priceless components that truly set your business apart in a crowded marketplace. 

Breaking It Down: Personal vs. Enterprise Goodwill

Personal goodwill is tied directly to an individual within the business, often the owner or founder. It's the value that one person brings to the business that would not necessarily transfer if the business were sold.  

For example, a dentist's personal skill and patient relationships in North Haven represent personal goodwill; if the dentist sells the practice, those patients might not stay with the new owner. 

Unlike personal goodwill, enterprise goodwill is inherent to the business entity itself. It could include a business's brand, proprietary products, or unique location in New Haven County. This type of goodwill can be transferred along with the sale of the business. 

What This Means in Legal Terms  

In Connecticut, as in other states, the distinction between personal and enterprise goodwill has significant legal and financial implications, particularly in the contexts of selling your business, divorce proceedings, and estate planning. 

When selling a business, understanding this difference can affect your tax obligations. Personal goodwill, being tied to an individual, may be treated more favorably under tax laws compared to enterprise goodwill, which is considered a corporate asset. 

During divorce proceedings, it's crucial to identify whether a business's value is linked to an individual's skills and reputation (personal goodwill) or is a part of the business entity (enterprise goodwill). Personal goodwill might not be subject to division, while enterprise goodwill can be considered a marital asset. 

For estate planning, recognizing the types of goodwill your business holds can influence your strategy. Our focus on respectful, practical advice has helped many business owners in North Haven and throughout New Haven County plan effectively for their business’s future. 

Practical Steps for Connecticut Business Owners

  1. Evaluation: You need to work with a professional to evaluate your business's goodwill, distinguishing between personal and enterprise components. This often requires a deeper understanding of Connecticut laws and the specific nature of your business. 

  1. Documentation: You must adequately document the sources of your business's goodwill. This is very important, especially during a sale or legal proceedings. It can provide clarity on what components of the business's value can be attributed to individual efforts as opposed to the entity itself. 

  1. Planning: It is necessary to consider how personal and enterprise goodwill impacts your long-term plans, whether you're thinking about selling your business, passing it on to the next generation, or dealing with a personal life event like a divorce. Thoughtful planning can minimize legal issues in the future and maximize financial outcomes. 

Understanding personal and enterprise goodwill in Connecticut can be tricky, but with the right help, you can make smart decisions that protect your business and finances.  

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