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Contract Disputes

April 29, 2021

Assertive New Haven Connecticut Contract Dispute Attorney

When one or more parties involved in a contractual agreement fail to uphold their end of the deal, legal disputes often quickly arise. When a contract dispute arises, it is important to discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney immediately.

Leveraging more than 25 years of legal experience, DeChello Law Firm offers assertive contract dispute representation to clients throughout the New Haven area. With a detailed knowledge of contract law and years of negotiation and litigation experience, we are able to offer guidance to clients involved in contract disputes.

We Help You Resolve Contract Disputes in The Best Possible Manner

When pursuing resolutions to a contract dispute, you may have several options, including:

  • Negotiation: Attempting to reach a negotiated settlement for compensation or an altered agreement. Negotiation may help both parties avoid the time and cost of a trial, and is often the best method of settling a disagreement between parties who may wish to continue to do business in the future.

  • Mediation: One of the most cost-effective and swift methods of resolving a contract dispute, mediation involves an independent mediator who makes a decision on the dispute after hearing testimony from both parties involved. In some cases, the mediator’s ruling is final, while in others the ruling can be used during negotiations between the disputing parties.

  • Arbitration: Another cost-effective and swift method of resolving a contract dispute, arbitration involves one or more independent arbitrators who make a final and binding decision on the dispute after hearing testimony from all parties involved. This provides a quicker and in most cases more cost-effective method for resolving a commercial dispute.

  • Litigation: If mediation or negotiation offers no resolution to the dispute, the litigation process may be the final answer. Our staff is highly experienced in the courtroom, and will prepare the strongest possible case to pursue a judgment in your favor.

Find Answers to Your Contract Dispute Questions

From the moment you retain our firm, we will begin gathering information to answer several key questions pertaining to your contract dispute, including:

  • Was the contract valid?

  • Was the contract actually breached?

  • Can we prove the breach of contract?

  • Can we measure the damages associated with the breach of contract?

  • Are we exposed to counterclaims?

To find answers to all of your contract dispute questions, or to discuss your dispute with our attorney, call the DeChello Law Firm or contact us online today.