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Full Value Business Sales

April 29, 2021

Are you selling off your business? It’s essential you have a rock-solid foundation laid out. Many new sellers quickly understand the most important aspect of the sale is planning ahead and anticipating what potential buyers value most.

A successful business transaction requires more foresight than exists on the traditional plane of ‘maximize return, minimize risk’ – many other components come into play. Our experienced New Haven legal team will ensure your house is in order before you sell.

The DeChello Law Firm has inspired confidence in many business sales over several decades, giving us invaluable experience. Throughout our tenure, our priorities have remained clear: maximizing our clients’ advantage as a seller while defending their best interests.

We help coordinate your sale in the following ways…

  • Assessing your risks

  • Offering financial advisement

  • Managing conditions that compromise sale, such as key employee non-compete agreements

  • Reducing the number of issues that matter most to buyers

  • Collaborating with the buyer directly for a confident transaction

Our seasoned attorneys understand what problems arise when people aren’t prepared to sell their assets – disastrous business transactions do occur.

We’re here to prepare you for what’s next. Contact us today for more information.