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Sell Your Business

April 29, 2021

Sell Your Business, Maximize the Benefits

Selling your business is never an easy decision. Should you choose to follow through with the transaction, the most important step you can take is teaming up with an experienced New Haven attorney.

DeChello Law Firm has decades of experience facilitating business transactions. We’ve helped hundreds of Connecticut business owners like you maximize their return investment. We’ll carefully weigh your options and minimize all associated risks following your sale.

Our legal team will provide essential advice throughout the legal process. You can rely on our seasoned business law experience.

Why Sell Your Business?

Business owners often choose to sell for reasons unique and personal to their own situation. Some successful business owners choose to sell to collect profits during the company’s peak potential. Other business owners choose to sell because they’re ready for retirement. In some cases, owners choose to sell as their health declines and they can’t keep up with the rigorous demands of managing their business.

No matter your reason to sell, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll ensure your livelihood only stands to benefit from the sale of your business.

Common Negotiation Mistakes

It happens more than you might imagine – business owners make critical errors in negotiating their sale without consulting an attorney. These potential sellers quickly agree to terms without considering all possible disadvantages. Those who lack legal representation frequently reveal proprietary information about their business, making them especially vulnerable throughout negotiations.

Don’t find yourself burned over the course of negotiating a sale – rely on our seasoned business law experience and keep your assets protected. We negotiate the best deal possible for the sale of your business.

Professional Consultation

Do you need detailed guidance over the course of your transaction? See how DeChello Law Firm can help New Haven business owners like you. These are legal solutions tailored to your unique sale.

We provide important advice on the best methods of protecting your business. Our calculated efforts will simplify drafting contracts, creating purchase agreements, party agreements, and much more. Keep yourself secure with a powerful legal ally.