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The Essentials for Starting a Business

April 1, 2021

Do you need a lawyer to start a business? Some will likely tell you it’s a needless expense – many others are sure to tell foregoing professional legal counsel could haunt you. How much are you willing to roll the dice on your investment?

If you’re looking for an experienced New Haven business attorney to represent you, contact The DeChello Law Firm today. Our legal expertise is built from decades of practice protecting the best interests of our valued clients.

Whether you’re launching an innovative product or offering a familiar service, your Connecticut business attorney can help. We understand every small business begins with a big idea – it’s our job to protect it.

Don’t allow paperwork and other legal hurdles to impede your business. Think of our legal team as the hands shielding your creative spark from the winds of legal action that could potentially extinguish your business!

Every entrepreneur needs a rock-solid business plan. Take advantage of our extensive legal knowledge and avoid any fissures to your foundation. We’ll help you refine your business structure, obtain necessary permits, sort your finances – even narrow down a name.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get there – contact The DeChello Law Firm now.