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Title XIX

April 29, 2021

Detailed Title XIX Advice from An Experienced New Haven Law Firm

Caring for loved ones who require significant medical support because of advanced age or an ongoing condition can be very expensive. Even a short-term stay in a rehabilitation center or nursing home can cost thousands of dollars – full ongoing care can quickly drain the assets of even the most financially sound families. Fortunately, there may be help available under the government’s Title XIX program, more commonly known as Medicaid.

At the DeChello Law Firm, we provide Medicaid advice to clients in Connecticut. Our knowledge of the Medicaid program, its qualification requirements, and the process of obtaining assistance allow us to help families explore the possibility of financial help from the program.

Detailed Answers to Each of Your Medicaid Questions

Understanding the many details and complexities of the Medicaid program can be difficult, especially when you are distracted by pressures associated with caring for family members and financial issues. To help you gain insight into the Medicaid program, we work to provide answers to a wide range of questions, including:

  • What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a government program designed to assist individuals with low income and limited resources. Created in the Social Security Act of 1965, Medicaid is also referred to as Title XIX.

  • What benefits does the program offer? Medicaid provides financial support and healthcare coverage to individuals requiring significant medical care. The program can help to pay for medical treatments, nursing home care, and other vital needs for qualified individuals.

  • Who qualifies? To be eligible to receive Medicaid assistance, the individual must have less than $2,000 in assets, and must not exceed a set monthly income cap. The income or assets of a spouse are not considered in determining Medicaid eligibility.

  • How can my family obtain Medicaid assistance? Unfortunately, applying for, and obtaining, Medicaid assistance can be a difficult task. The guidance of an attorney is vital during the Medicaid application process, as even minor errors or oversights can result in disqualification or delayed response from the Medicaid office.

  • What if I have been denied Medicaid benefits? There are many reasons that Medicaid applications are denied, including paperwork errors, excess income, or prohibited asset transfers. We provide advice on the Medicaid appeals process and will help you complete the required paperwork and estate planning needed to have your application reexamined.

Discuss Your Medicaid Concerns with Our Knowledgeable Attorney

Our staff understands the confusion and frustration you may feel when attempting to obtain Medicaid assistance for yourself or a loved one. We work diligently to alleviate the worry and fear you may feel, and provide the guidance you need to traverse the Medicaid application or appeals process.

Call or contact us online to discuss your specific Medicaid concerns and learn how we can be of assistance to your family.