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Trust Disputes

April 29, 2021

Individuals put in charge of a trust, referred to as trustees, are expected to act solely in the best interest of the trust and its beneficiaries. If a trust is mismanaged, or the trustee fails to execute their duties, legal action may be required to resolve the matter and put the assets held within the trust back into trustworthy hands.

At the DeChello Law Firm, we offer representation to families and beneficiaries with concerns related to trust disputes. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to offer the guidance you need to voice your concerns over the management of a trust.

Detailed Advice on A Wide Range of Trust Disputes

Trust disputes arise for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Improper conduct by trustees

  • Varying interpretations of the trust

  • Questions over wealth transfers

  • Undue compensation collected by fiduciaries

  • Unauthorized gifts or asset transfers

  • Conflict of interest claims

  • Undue influence

Whatever the reasons leading to your trust dispute concerns may be, we work to provide the informative advice and guidance you need to pursue resolutions.

To help you ensure that the trust is protected and in good hands, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough discovery process: Uncovering details of trust mismanagement or improper activity by the trustee can be challenging. Our staff conducts careful reviews of the many details of your situation in an effort to uncover facts and information that support your concerns.

  • Complete necessary paperwork: Our staff offers detailed advice on the proper completion of all documentation relating to your proceedings, from filing for the initial hearing to submitting required supporting documentation.

  • Guide your family through mediation or trial: Negotiating trust dispute proceedings can be challenging. We provide the guidance you need to express your concerns, attempt to negotiate a resolution, or prove your case during court proceedings.

Discuss Your Trust Dispute Concerns with An Experienced Lawyer

We understand that trust disputes are often frustrating and emotionally draining issues. To alleviate the stress you feel and the impact the dispute has on your family, we make every effort to guide you to the swiftest and most effective resolutions possible.

To discuss your trust dispute concerns and learn how we can help you pursue resolutions, call or contact us online today.